Kid Tini – Bazolimala Ft. LaSauce (Lyrics)

Kid Tini Bazolimala Lyrics

Kid Tini Bazolimala Lyrics. Here comes the official lyrics of Kid Tini’s song tagged Bazolimala featuring LaSauce.


Kid Tini Bazolimala Lyrics

CHORUS: Kid Tini]
Put sum respek on the name, you know the motto
Inj’ivukile manene, yaqal’inkantazo
Show up and ruin your day, Just me and me razo
Inja ivukile manene, Yaqal’inkathazo
Bazolimala (Syobalimaza)
Bazolimala (Syobalimaza)
Yaqalinkathazo (Yaqalinkathazo)
Yaqalinkathazo (Yaqalinkathazo)

[VERSE 1: Kid Tini]
Middle finger finger to my enemies
Y’all ain’t ? with my energy
I manuver through the pressure
Cook up hits ingoma ndayqeqsha
I be sippin dirty but I pull up clean
I know I’m the one they hate to see
I feel your pain is my pleasure
Bitch I only do it for my real ones
I could pull up on who ever
Ndoda nganye iyawzmela
If a nigga wood ever, Okwenkuni saw’theza
Don’t ya know I been dope, only go outside to get the in door
Chasing big racks need a big bag, blow it for da times a nigga been broke